Additions Loose Glitter Important Update!

  • 31st Oct 2023
  • News
Additions Loose Glitter Important Update!

We have got 50% off all Additions loose glitters, they are all reduced to clear. This was not an easy decision to arrive at but following on from the amendment of the EU REACH Regulation (No. 1907/2006) which effectively bans all sales of ´loose glitter´ in the EU zone (from 17/10/2023) we feel it is time to be proactive in advance of the UK government following suit (something we believe is inevitable). 
Obviously we are working away to introduce new non polymer based glitters so don´t panic, we will still be adding the sparkle once effective alternatives are sourced. In the meantime, please take advantage and stock up on your favourites at 50% off. 
We will keep stock of our foils, foil leaf and pigments as these are not included in the ban. 

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