E-Filing & LED Curing

Save time on filing and setting nails with INK London’s range of E-Files and LED Curing Lamps. E-files are an efficient tool to help save time and effort on filing nails, while avoiding common nail tech injuries such as repetitive strain and carpal tunnel. LED Curing Lamps help polishes, gels and glues set quickly to ensure a quick and efficient manicure from start to finish.

LED Lamps

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Quickly set and cure gels, polishes and glues in a matter of minutes. Featuring bespoke designs for nail techs and beauticians, our INK London LED Lamps offer premium quality and durability on every use. Shop the full range of LED Curing Lamps.


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Take the time and effort out of manual filing with E-Files. Quickly shape and finish nails without the risk of muscle strain and fatigue. Shop our E-File below.

Drill Bits & Accessories

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Featuring everything you could need to finish any manicure, shop our range of Drill Bits & Accessories below. Easily finish edges and cuticles with these accessories and attachments for a flawless finish.