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dallas shimmer (colour gel) 07/12/20
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Welcome to INK London! We are delighted to present a select range of beauty products designed to not only be of the highest quality ensuring a level or performance second to NONE, but also at prices that will leave you smiling.

All our cosmetic products are manufactured in the EU, CPNP registered and fully compliant with all EU Cosmetics Directives containing none of the prohibited substances found in most cosmetics of an American or Chinese origin. Every single raw material, even our product label is sourced from within the EU, so rest assured a purchase from INK London is affordable, delighful and as healthy as a cosmetic can be!!!

Please be advised we are a strictly ´Professional Use Only´ brand! Anyone can register as a client on our site but please be advised that if it is your first order one of our team will contact you prior to shipping to confirm your ´Professional´ status.

* Finally, unlike other brands on the market we actually produce all our products which is the main reason why we are inexpensive, we sell directly to you, the professional cutting out the wholesalers and distributors in doing so we are able to keep your prices low without affecting quality. We want you to be able to offer your clients a wide selection of colour choice when they engage your services, with INK London´s amazingly low prices you can now do just that!!!

NON TESTED ON ANIMALS - We are totally opposed to any testing on animals. As a British brand manufacturing all cosmetic products in the EU any testing on animals is also ILLEGAL! For this reason we would always recommend using only EU produced cosmetic products.

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